Ancestors of Kimberley Diane Flye and Family

  "Buck and Ann Flye"


Arba Hudgens, James Whitney Fly and Wally Fly's work have been made possible
(in the present form and content) by the early work of 
Marian (Prescott) Brown, in the beginning (ca. 1933),
and subsequently by the work of 
Thomas Rhodes Lincoln, Pearl (Damron) Baker, Doris (Owens) Henson 
and many others too numerous to mention. 

What's now available to you is all of the efforts of the foregoing, as
gathered, documented, pondered and hypothesized by James Whitney Fly, 
with the consultation of the Rev. Norman Jason Flythe of Raleigh, NC.,
researching for sixty years and more.

(Rev. Norman Jason Flythe is a towering figure in the Fly-Family Historical
research, devoting his efforts in searching the basic
North Carolina Records
in the Archives at Raleigh for pertinent documents.)

Rick and Kim(Flye) Kreiner
 Jacksonville, Florida


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